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Aikatara – What the hell is that name coming from?

Its a combination of some meanings (or origins) of my real first name Kathrin (whitch actually is a short form of a longer name Katharina).

Origins of Katharina:

# from the Greek (catharsis) see Aristotle’s Poetics, meaning to purge or to cleanse – pure/purity of emotion
# from ἑκάτερος (hekáteros), meaning each of the two, singly
# from the goddess Hecate

The Romans associated the name with the greek καθαρός (katharós)= pure


This woman was some ancient greek, or better, thracian (thrakische) goddess. She’s the goddess of the crossroads, of sorcery and of ghosts and, originally, of the wilderness and childbirth.

Animals, assocciated with Hecate
Especially the bitch, a black bitch ….a black FEMALE DOG (don’t get it wrong *g*)
a good match: I like dogs (female and male)

Plants and herbs associated with her
The yew, cypress[,hazel, black poplar, cedar, and willow are all sacred to Hecate.
And lavender. I love lavender!

Wild areas, forests, borders, city walls and doorways, crossroads, and graveyards are all associated with Hecate at various times.
I’m fine with that. I like everything of that. Everything of that is a good metaphor, I think.
And, yes, I like graveyards, too. I like to visit old graveyards – the last one I’ve seen was in Paris. And, hey, take a look at my heroes *ggg*.

21 random facts about me

21 völlig willkürlich ausgewählte und relativ sinnfreie Informationen über die Autorin 

  1. Maximum amout of computers I own at the moment: 3
  2. I can’t live without: Books, Internet, My new Armchair, Coffee and Cigarettes
  3. At the moment I am drinking: coffee (as always)
  4. I’m absurdly proud of my ability to distinguish japanese from chinese-like languages (but do not try me on japanese-korean…)
  5. Don’t ask my anything about the following topics (unless you have a looot of time handy to listen to my way too long explanations): King Arthur, Greek (and northern) mythology, Lord of the Rings, Animes, die drei Fragezeichen, the ancient romans. The rest: Try and error 🙂
  6. Despite the fact that studing history isn’t the best way to get rich I didn’t regret it. I love history
  7. I try to change my music style at the moment.  Activly. I can say: It works.
  8. I have a weakness for british english and scottish accent
  9. I prefer to stay up late in the night. Unfortunately at the moment I wake up not later then 10 o’clock (in the morning).
  10. I’m unable to distinguish between a.m an p.m. (concerning the time).
  11. I constently read more then one book at once.
  12. I like to try new cocktails. Currently I really want to try a „Black Velvet“ (mixture of guiness and a sparkling white wine (for example champagne)
  13. I can laugh about: Loriot, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Catherine Tate, Galaxy Quest, Sinnlos im Weltraum, Star Wars auf Kölsch, Volker Pispers, very good „Kalauer“ (= a Kalauer is a special kind of joke, that involves word play. It is by definition really very stupid. To do a good Kalauer is an art not very much people can manage.)
  14. In a discussion about the existence of god, the pro and con of kapitalism or the question whether the oil resources are running out or not I tend to support the oppsite opinion (as my dialgoue partners). (A stupid habid, I know. I started to do this because if anybody has the same opinion a discussion gets pretty boring. The flaw: When the time gets by you forget what your own opinion really is.)
  15. I dont like it when people talk to much during a movie. Exception: I have something to say.
  16. The thing I’m most affraid of are other people and  roller coaster.
  17. The things I like most are fantasy in all kinds, traveling far away and laughing so much that you cannot stop.
  18. When I start to like a music band there is a really high chance that the will split up in the near future.
  19. I don’t like to make desicions but I hate it if I’m not allowed to deside something.
  20. I’m able to read a map.
  21. I promised myself:
  • to never to never again like a music band that a) comes from a country far far away (like Japan); b) doesn’t exist anymore. c) is on the verge of splitting up; d) never ever goes on concerts; e) whoes concerts are sold out immediately
  • to learn russian before I die.
  • not to buy so much books anymore (Comics, esp. Grafic Novels doesn’t count as books. Mangas does!).
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